I try to write about emotions and situations that we all experience throughout our lives. Not just love songs, but songs about everyday life, integrity, trust and plain ‘good old fashioned’ values. It’s all out there - around us everyday to watch, learn and embrace.” -- Kevin Allen

I wanted to create something completely original that people can not only relate to, but also feel the emotions and pride that went into the songs and the recording. I truly believe that we accomplished that on this album and I feel it is my greatest accomplishment to date.” -- Tim Hart

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With both Kevin and Tim growing up in the same midwestern area, they have a lot more in common than just music. They share many of the same dreams, values, interests and goals. All of these common denominators have come together in the creation of their first album “Long Gone”.

It all started in the mid 90’s when the two first met. Kevin was playing with a well-established band from their local area when members of a newly formed band came to check them out at a club. Tim happened to be the lead singer of that newly formed group. Over the next year or so the two got to know each other through playing many of the same venues and hanging out at the local music stores.

Then one night after finishing a road gig, Kevin got back to his hotel room and received a call… it was Tim calling from Canada! His band had just lost one of their players while in the middle of a Canadian tour and he asked if Kevin could come up North to finish the tour with them. Well, to make a long story short, Kevin flew out the next day for a paid vacation to Canada.

Over the next few weeks Kevin and Tim learned a lot about each other. They finished the tour and on the long trip home there was conversation about the two starting a new group. This was the beginning of what would lead to the duo, Allen & Hart.

After returning home, Kevin, two of his band mates and Tim formed a new group. This group wanted to do more than just play the local area so they hit the road. Over the next few years the band performed in Alaska and covered most of the United States. With the grueling schedule of touring, it was difficult for the band to write and work on originals, which they all wanted to do. After a couple of great years, the road took its toll and the band dissolved. It was at this point that Kevin and Tim decided to begin work on their first album.

As for the songs, neither of the two wanted to sit down and write originals that were just standard three chord love songs so they set out to write about everyday life and put a different twist on each of the essential love songs. They set their lyrics to melodies that weave through progressive chord progressions and ride on rhythms with heart-felt to toe-tapping tempos. The outcome is a style that fits the modern country genre yet is uniquely identifiable and leaves listeners humming and whistling their tunes.

Kevin took on the roles of writer, arranger, musician, singer and producer of the project – a role he is well suited for as his musical credits are vast. At an early age he started playing guitar and quickly took up the banjo, dobro and keyboards. He has performed at Ronald Reagan’s presidential inauguration, The Grand Ol’ Opry and a plethora of concert, club, casino, theater and television venues. He has worked with many top name artists including Kenny Rogers, Alabama, Marty Robbins, Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee, of which he was lead guitarist and music director. Kevin is also very knowledgeable and comfortable working in the studio and with recording equipment.

Tim took on the roles of writer, singer and producer of the project – a role he is equally suited for. He has been around music since the day he was born. While growing up in a Christian home in the small town of New Canton, Il. his dad led the song service at the local church, and it was there that Tim learned the importance of music. His musical interest was sparked during his grade school years when he was introduced to the school music program. This interest turned into a desire to take his music as far as he could. Tim was later rewarded for his hard work and dedication when he received the John Philip Sousa Band Award.  At the age of twelve he started performing in churches with his dad, playing bass guitar and singing. When he was fifteen he began “paying his dues” in the bars, playing in various bands. After a couple of years Tim wanted to put down the bass, pick up the acoustic guitar and start fronting a new band. He did so and this band developed a faithful following and had the opportunity to open for several major acts, including Doug Supernaw and Diamond Rio. That group eventually disbanded and Tim joined forces with Kevin. The rest of the story is as you've read above.

The two each bring many assets to the table and together they form a strong, determined, and innovative duo that is sure to not stop until they reach the top!